World Underground Maps and Schematics by Chris Gray

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Clockwork Gallery showcases work from the Underground collection by Chris Gray, who lives and works in West Yorkshire, England.

Underground is a series of fantastical underground rail networks (after Harry Beck) that connect each part of the globe to the …

Schools’ Project

Kickstarter-LogoOver the past few years, I’ve donated a dozen or so posters to schools. As just about everyone who sees them spends time following the lines to find out where their local city is placed within the world, it proves to be a fairly potent teaching aid.

Every poster that I’ve given to a school has been well received, and feedback has been very favourable. It’s really heartening to know that something I worked so hard to produce is bearing fruit amongst our young. I know it isn’t a massive boost to them in their exams, but any little bit helps, and I’d be delighted to be able to donate more of them to more schools in my local area. Who knows, if this goes well I may be able to roll it out to more less-local schools.

Initially, I’d like to be able to donate one of these maps to 100 local schools but to do this, I need to raise the money to print them out, buy the protective tubes, pay for fuel to deliver them and cover my time to do it all. This is why I’ve started ‘The World Underground Map Schools’ Project’ as a Kickstarter project.

Every backer will have their name added to the Supporters’ list on this web page (unless you’d rather I didn’t). At this stage, I’m not sure if the schools will want to be listed, but they will be if they do. I’ll ask existing recipients and add a count at the very least.

Perhaps you’d like to get a print and donate it to a school local to you? If you do, please tell me the school’s name and location.

Fingers crossed and watch this space…

Postage and Packaging

Regardless of where you live in the world, or how many items you purchase, postage and packaging is FREE!

Clockwork Gallery posters adorn walls all around the world. European and North American destinations are the most …

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Thanks so much – I got the parcel, and it’s exactly what I was looking for for my brother-in-law’s xmas present. As a kiwi living in
London and a map collector it is perfect for him!


I happened to see one of these subway images in the window of a store when I was on vacation in York a few summers ago and took a quick photo of the URL because I liked it so much.


Congratulations on such a wonderful and compelling image, reminiscent of the London Underground maps from my youth, but repositioning them in a planetary perspective!


My husband and I loved it – stood there for ages looking for places.  I’m not a geographer but I’m interested in the different projections of world maps and the jolt they give to different ways of looking at the world. Also, I’ve always liked the tube map so that helps.  We would have liked a more ‘ready to hang one’ and I guess I think it works particularly well in a big size – it would make excellent wallpaper for a feature wall (hope that isn’t offensive – not meaning to downgrade it in any way but it has the potential to be a real talking point).


You have great work! =)


The poster arrived. It looks great on my wall.

Thanks a lot :-)